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FLK Cabin have more than 50 years experience in development and production of driverscabins. FLK was founded in 1967 by Frederik L. Kock (FLK). And even though times have changed, the values from 1967 are still the same: Quality. FLK does not only supply the cabin. We supply the daily working environment for thousands of drivers all over the world.


Quality is materials and craftmanship

We have spent the last 50 years testing and selecting materials that live up to our requirements. Those are materials, that together creates first class cabins, where focus is on essential paramteres such as comfort, view, noise-level and quality. That means that we supply cabins that create a safe and good workenvironment - not just for the driver, but also for the surroundings.

But quality is more than just materials. For us the quality is also in the production methods. We weld all cabins in our own factory, as it requires a great deal of craftmanship to supply quality cabins.



We mostly supply cabins that are ready to mount, plug-and-play, directly to machine producers. But we can also offer a solution where we produce and mount the cabin on the machine.


Company policy:

FLK Cabin A / S wishes to be perceived as a leader in quality cabinets and that all deliveries are perceived as quality deliveries. Quality deliveries are to meet or exceed our customers' expectations of quality, flexibility and delivery, and thereby bring added value to the customer. All employees must perceive work on quality as a common task and demonstrate quality awareness.

 To comply with our quality policy, all employees at FLK Cabin A / S:

  • Shall be responsible for continuously improving the quality of our processes, products and services.
  • Must ensure, through information, training and experience that the individual employee has the prerequisites and qualifications to carry out the specific work.
  • Work with openness, honesty and respect for each other throughout the process - also when given feedback on work and quality
  • Support and ensure the quality of our services by establishing, maintaining and continuously developing a quality management system that complies with the requirements of DS/EN ISO 9001: 2015.

ISO certificate DS/EN ISO 9001:2015.


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FLK cabin key values


A clear and wide-ranging view is preventive. It's safe. It presents the best conditions for any driver and puts safety on the agenda.

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Noise reduction

Noise can be stressful. Almost deafening. We specialize in noise reduction in order to create a better, safer and healthier work environment - for all drivers.

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Comfort is not just ergonomics. It's a state. It's the absence of discomfort and the presence of contentment. We create cormfortable workspaces - to make it comfortable working.

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Quality is key. It's essential. Without top quality products we would not exist. Because quality never breaks down. It never stops working. It never fails.

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FLK cabin A/S

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