Yale ERP25VL

Yale ERP25VL "Rotation driver" from FLK Cabin - YouTube

In a partnership with the global forklift truck manufacturer Hyster-Yale Group, FLK Cabin has developed an innovative solution. The solution is called "Rotating driver", and makes it much easier to drive backwards over longer distances, in a forklift truck.

The solution will dramatically improve the drivers sitting-position and ergonomics, while driving in reverse, and will reduce the stress on the back, spine and neck.

With the click of a button, the seat and pedals are released, and can easily rotate 40 degrees. Hereby the driver is positioned in a way that makes it much easier to look backwards, while still being able to use steering wheel and pedals in a safe way.

The solution helps the driver increase his view to the surroundings, which makes this a safer choice, in situations where the forklift truck is used for driving backwards intensively.

The solution is applicable also to the Hyster J2.5-3.5XN electrical trucks as well.

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