A new quality FLK cabin for:

FLK Cabin for the UniCarriers ZX60-100 forklift truck.

In a partnership with the global truck manufacturer UniCarriers, FLK has developed a new quality cabin for the UniCarriers ZX 60-100 (6-10T) forklift truck. The truck is the strongest model in UniCarriers program.

Technical data for standard UniCarriers ZX60-100 cabin: - Full floating cabin, mounted on rubberbearings - Fully noise isolated on all engine-facing surfaces - Wipers and washers on front/rear windows - Sliding-windows in both doors - Windows in green-toned glass - LED-package - Powerfull 10 kW heater - First class interiour materials - Radio and stereo loudspeakers. Download the datasheed here.


UniCarriers ZX60-100 UniCarriers ZX60-100UniCarriers ZX60-100 

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