FLK-cabin A low noise level in drivers cabs gives high saftely level and a safe working environment

Noise reduction

Noise reduction

Noise is a necessary evil from most machines. At the same time, regulations on environmental health are getting stricter, also on reducing noise at the operator’s ear. There are limits for how long a driver can stay in an area with certain noise levels. Not many people know that even cabins from well-known machine-producers do not live up to these regulations.

This is of course because it’s difficult to achieve a low noise cabin. Over the past 50 years, FLK has been working on the art of reducing noise in cabins for machines. It requires many years of experience just to understand the noise and find the right method to suppress it. It’s not enough just to isolate the cabin. What’s required is an understanding of the complex interaction between vibrations, noise, selection of materials and placement.

However, you don’t have to worry about all of that once you decide on an FLK cabin. We’ve taken the necessary steps to ensure that the driver has the optimal conditions to do his job. Because we know that a driver, that is sitting in a protected environment is able to focus on the important task he has: to steer the machine quickly and safely.

That’s why noise is not just a disturbance, but an environmental and safety problem as well as an economical problem for any company. Noise has to be minimized – and when you’re sitting in an FLK Cabin – you will realize that that’s just what we’ve done.



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