FLK-cabin Many cabins functions as the drivers protective cage. That's why FLK Cabin always uses the best materials, dimensioned to take what comes - and a whole lot more.



In the 50 years that FLK has produced drivers cabins, quality has probably been our most important value - and the one we're mostly known for. Across all of Europe, FLK is known for a quality that never fails. That is also the reason our cabins are allways the favourite choise when demands are extra high, whether its because they have to endure heat or cold, or in other ways becomes exposed to harsh environments. 

We've been producing the cabins on our own factory in Denmark for the past 50 years. All our employees are trained and tought in the craftmanship that we're known for; the development and production of the best cabins on the market. We don't compromise on quality and the high standards we've set for our own production for 50 years. That's why our motto is to Raise the Standards and that's where FLK has been leading the market for many years.

We carefully evaluate our design and all our components with the purpose of making a product that will last for many years, and we always strive to become better. That means that quality is a natural part of our production. We have clear standards for our quality, and that is also why we're certified according to ISO 9001.



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