FLK-cabin The drivers comfort is directly influencing his productivity. A happy driver is a productive driver. FLK Cabin produces happy drivers.



Comfort is no longer just a luxury that companies cannot afford to offer it’s employees. Modern companies have realized that comfort is what ensures that the driver has be best conditions to do his job quickly, effectively and with as few mistakes as possible. Comfort is e.g. also what prevents the driver from getting a costly work related back-injury. That’s why comfort is both a safety as well as an economic parameter when selecting the right cabin for a machine.  

An FLK cabin has been designed with focus on the drivers wellbeing. We want it to be just as natural having focus on a drivers working posture as it is for employees working in the offices. Because very ofteh, the driver spends longer time in the cabin than the office employee does behind the desk. And often the driver has to remain seated hour after hour, in the same position.

That’s why it’s also important to be able to select just the right chair, suitable for the driver. FLK has a long lasting cooperation with leading chair-producers such as Be-Ge and Grammer. Most of our cabins have been designed to have space for such good chairs.



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