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There are many requirements to a modern driver’s cabin. Through 50 years, FLK Cabin has specialized in the development and production of cabins that lives up to those requirements. We’ve made some of them our hallmark, on which you will always recognize an FLK Cabin: Noise level, view, comfort and quality. Hereby we provide the driver with the best possible conditions to control the machine safely and well. At the same time we provide companies the opportunity to use the machines capacity to the maximum, while saving on breakdowns and repairs.   

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Today, there are pan-European rules and regulations about noise levels in drivers’ cabins. It is recognized that the noise level influences the drivers concentration and wellbeing. Many machines are dangerous to their surroundings, be it people, equipment or buildings, and it requires a lot of attention and focus to drive them safely. That’s why we, at FLK Cabin, always do our very best to bring down the noise level. We use the best isolators and bearings we can get. We use the best noise-reduction materials and our components are strongly dimensioned, to avoid vibrations and noise.

A low noiselevel gives the driver the best conditions to keep up concentration for many hours a day. Because at FLK Cabin we know, that a focused driver is a safe driver – and that is good business.


A driver that is comfortable is also a driver who can focus on his job, all day. That gives him better effectiveness and better use of the machine.

At FLK Cabin, we know, that ergonomics and comfort are also important factors for safety. Often, machines are working with heavy loads or among people, and it is necessary that the driver has optimum conditions to work the machine safely. The driver has to sit well, in a comfortable cabin – and he needs to have a good view onto his surroundings without having to bend and stretch.

That’s also why we put much effort into making the cabin closed, so that the driver can keep warm, and so that the windows don’t fog. The view must not be blocked.

Good drivers seats should be a given in a good cabin. That’s why we’ve been working with leading seat-manufactures, such as Be-Ge and Grammer for many years. We can supply most seats by request, whether mechanical or pneumatic. Even the most demanding driver will probably be able to fit his favorite chair into our spacious cabins.  


The view is worth considering, when you’re choosing between machines. Does the cabin provide a clear view to the machines working area? Can you see the surroundings, or is the view blocked by unnecessary large steel plates? Have you asked yourself what happens, if the driver hits machines or people surrounding it, because of lack of view?

An FLK Cabin is always known for its exceptional view. For us at FLK Cabin, we know that a great view reduces the risk of accidents with the machine. That’s why we consider view to be equal to safety. That is common sense, and also good for business.


An FLK Cabin is built to last. Our 50 year long history shows, that we can build cabins that last very long, during intensive use. In fact, our cabins often out-last the machines. A part of our secret is in our wet-painting. It is of course an expensive process, compared to powder-paint that many others use. But wet-paint lasts much longer – and it provides a robust, shining surface.

Quality makes the cabin very resistant towards corrosion and it ensures that the cabin can be used for years without expensive brake-downs and repairs. That is good business.


FLK cabin key values


A clear and wide-ranging view is preventive. It's safe. It presents the best conditions for any driver and puts safety on the agenda.

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Noise reduction

Noise can be stressful. Almost deafening. We specialize in noise reduction in order to create a better, safer and healthier work environment - for all drivers.

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Comfort is not just ergonomics. It's a state. It's the absence of discomfort and the presence of contentment. We create cormfortable workspaces - to make it comfortable working.

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Quality is key. It's essential. Without top quality products we would not exist. Because quality never breaks down. It never stops working. It never fails.

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