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As profesional cabinbuilders through 50 years, we've worked with both large and small machine producers about developing cabin-solutions for just their needs. Our experience has given us the knowledge, that makes us able to develop cabins for everything from cranes, harvesters, diggers, forklifttrucks, tractors, pavers and many others. 

We also offer special solutions such as higher cabins, lowered cabins, tiltable cabins, cabins with split-doors and sliding doors - and we're always ready to advise about the best solution for your machine.

When we start a development project, the process typically consists of 4 steps:

  1. Specification. We make sure we understand the machine and it's way of working, in order to understand what the cabin needs to be specified. Then we use our many years of experience to determine what the optimum cabin looks like, taking into consideration our key elements, which are: view, noise level, comfort and quality.

  2. Design and development. We'll develop the cabin in 3D based on a 3D model of the machine it's going to be mounted on. Once the 3D model of the cabin is finished, it's time to review it with our customer and hopefully also some representatives of the drivers, to ensure that expectations are aligned. Next step is to produce a live-size prototype of the cabin, which FLK will mount onto the machine.

  3. Test. The prototype cabin will be subject to any number of tests that the application on the specific machine requires. An example of such test could be FOPS og ROPS (Falling Object Protection Structure / Roll-over Protection Structure) according to ISO 6055.

  4. Pre-series cabin. Before the actual series-production starts, FLK will manufacture a pre-series cabin. This is a test-cabin, which will make sure that all welding-jigs and tools that have been developed during the project are working.

Once these steps have been carried out, the series-production will start. The process normally takes from 4-6 months.

We have a modern production-setup, and work together with many suppliers, which we've carefully selected over the years. In that way we're able to solve even the most challenging tasks - no matter what the need.

We're certified according to ISO 9001, which is your guarantee, that we're able to live up to the high standards we've set for ourselves. 

If you're interested in the development of a cabin with us, or if you just want to learn more, you're welcome to contact our owner, Morten Skakke.

Morten Skakke (MSc)
Roemoevej 26
6520 Toftlund
email: mos@flk.dk
Mobile phone: +45 2367 5284.

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FLK cabin key values


A clear and wide-ranging view is preventive. It's safe. It presents the best conditions for any driver and puts safety on the agenda.

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Noise reduction

Noise can be stressful. Almost deafening. We specialize in noise reduction in order to create a better, safer and healthier work environment - for all drivers.

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Comfort is not just ergonomics. It's a state. It's the absence of discomfort and the presence of contentment. We create cormfortable workspaces - to make it comfortable working.

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Quality is key. It's essential. Without top quality products we would not exist. Because quality never breaks down. It never stops working. It never fails.

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